• Drivers will be required to compete with patience and have respect for other opponents both on the track and off.

  • Suspension or removal from the league for intentional wrecking will be strictly enforced.

  • Cars that fall off the pace due to damage or after being lapped are required to yield to faster cars and lead lap cars.

  • The most important thing above anything else is to keep our league friendly. The one thing that we WILL NOT TOLERATE is people with bad tempers or bad attitudes.

  • Actions deemed detrimental to the league. This is a very wide open and powerful rule. Any action, words or just anything that comes to mind that is not in the best interests of the league and/or its' members will be subject to review and possible penalty and/or expulsion.

  • Lucky Dog Rule ---1st car a lap down will pass the pace car and get to the end of longest line ,when 1 to go comes out, ADMIN ..........will clear .black flag.

  • 10 Lap Rule -- Lapped cars: If restarting after a caution with 10 laps or less to go in race, all cars not on lead lap shall drive down pit road to allow lead lap cars to line up nose-to-tail on the restart. If less than 10 laps to go under green flag, then lapped and/or damaged cars shall offer no resistance whatsoever to any car on lead lap.

The objective is to allow all lead lap cars to line up nose-to-tail and battle among themselves the final 10 laps. It also allows lapped cars to battle with other cars on same lap as they are. Cars that are 1 lap
down or more should consider their chance of victory over and continue to race to maintain or improve their position with cars on the same lap. All cars not on the lead lap shall drive down pit road while all lead lap
cars remain on the track. When driving down pit road, you do not have to stop in your pit box. Lapped cars can continue down pit road and back onto track. By doing this correctly, everyone will have the
same position as before driving down pit road. If you stop in your pit box, that is of your own choosing and you will lose positions to the cars who continues to drive on thru. Be sure to obey the stop/go sign at
the end of pit road. Do Not Pass on pit road unless a car stops in his/her pit box.

Key Point:
This only works if everyone that is lapped drives down pit road. If even one lapped car stays out, then that car will gain an unfair advantage. There are times when we do not need to drive down pit road.
Example: There are only 2 cars on the lead lap and they both are lined up together at the head of the field. In this case, the 10 lap warning is still displayed to warn everyone not to interfere with these two cars.

The Intentional Wrecking rule above! (2nd rule from top)

  • Flaming is totally forbidden. Friendships and good sportsmanship cannot grow if we are calling each other names. This includes races, practice sessions, emails and message boards.

  • Restarts: After pace car drops onto pit road, maintain pace car speed until green flag waves.

  • No chatting is allowed during qualifying.

  • On restarts, allow sufficient time for tires to warm-up for best grip. Use common sense and do not force a pass until the car can handle it.

  • Server exit: Due to server difficulties, once you enter the server you are not allowed to leave. Please come prepared. We realize that this will cause some problems for a few but it is a necessary step to insure a stable server.

  • Warping - If you are identified as warping by more then one member, you will move to the bottom of the track safely untill you think your signal is good again,use common since.

Rules will be reviewed and updated as needed Our goal is to not change rules in mid-season


  • The points calculator by Robert Rathbone and/or the Race Points Manager will be used to figure points standings. This will be from the actual race export. The race export results will be the only official finishing order. Point Standings are usually posted soon after completion of a race.

  • Points start with 43 and go down by 1 each position

  • 1 bonus points will be awarded for leading a lap.

  • 1 bonus points will be awarded for leading most laps.

  • 1 bonus points will be awarded to pole winner.

  • 3 bonus points for the winner


  • No race shall be final unless ran to its conclusion. In event of server failure, the race shall be re-run at later date if possible.

  • Provisional's: You will be allowed 3 provisional starts per regular season. And 1 provisional for Chase, You will then be given last place points for that missed race. Provisional's may be used for whatever reason the member chooses.

  • Replacement drivers are not permitted.

  • Tiebreaker

If a tie should occur at the end of any scheduled season, the following method will be used to determine a
season champion:
1) Wins
2) Top 5's
3) % Laps Completed
4) % Laps Led